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Removing Ads with an IAP – the Declarative way

Microsoft’s XAML provides a way for us to define our UI in a declarative manner. Combined with databinding it means you should – in almost every case – never have to directly reference a UI control to accomplish some work. Add the MVVM design pattern in to the mix and I find myself “rethinking” any… Read More »

XAML Converter awesomeness

Ok so here’s the thing. I’m not going to be putting “Visibility” properties in the Models of my MVVM architecture in my apps. I would, however, expose some Boolean value on the ViewModel that might say “HasChildren”, etc. But the problem is GETTING those things to actually show or hide elements on the screen. Enter XAML Converters. By… Read More »

Commands are cool, but man they’re repetitive…

Using WPF/XAML databinding any good programmer comes along Commanding. It’s the thing you’re supposed to do instead of adding an EventHandler to the Click event of your button. But Christ, adding Commands everywhere gets to be damn repetitive. Enter awesomeness. Now, normally I hate using ‘object’ as a parameter to things, especially when it means you’ll be… Read More »