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Removing Ads with an IAP – the Declarative way

Microsoft’s XAML provides a way for us to define our UI in a declarative manner. Combined with databinding it means you should – in almost every case – never have to directly reference a UI control to accomplish some work. Add the MVVM design pattern in to the mix and I find myself “rethinking” any… Read More »

Programmatically changing UI language in Windows Phone

If you’ve done globally-focused development on Windows Phone, you already know that to change the display language, you have to do so in the Settings area of the phone, then reboot the emulator (or physical device) for the change to take effect. What a pain. Wouldn’t it be better to change the UI language on-demand?… Read More »

Multilingual App Toolkit – Give your app some global appeal

Sure, you’re a good dev and you know that you should be putting all your strings in a RESX file if for no other reason than to centralize them so you only have to update them in one place. And maybe you do get some translations to other languages (good for you!). But what if… Read More »

Creating .netitude, for Windows Phone

Because you haven’t read enough of them, this is yet another blog post on Microsoft’s new Windows Phone App Studio – the online “point & shoot” method of creating an app for Windows Phone (8). Before we start, did anybody notice that the App Studio is located at windowsstore.com? #justSayin I’ve wanted to make a… Read More »

Update on WP8 Extensibility hooks

Last week I sent this to Windows Phone Dev Support: One of my Apps uses the Search Extensibility capability. After WP8 was released, the version I had on the market, which was supposed to have been recompiled by MS for WP8, doesn’t work on WP8. Likewise, after going through and building a WP8 version that… Read More »

Warning: Your WP7 app’s Extensibility hooks didn’t come forward to its WP8 version

I found out today, via an error report from the field no less, that one of my apps which uses some of the Extensibility hooks (aka App Connect) that were released as part of WP7 Mango doesn’t work on WP8. Upon investigating, it appears that when MS recompiled our apps to run on WP8 devices,… Read More »

Async System.Net.WebClient for Windows Phone 8

Started working on a WP8 project tonight and much to my dismay, TPL was not added to System.Net.WebClient of the WP8 SDK like it was slapped all over WinRT. So what to do? Well, I did what I did when I created the Async Live SDK project, I wrapped the EAP model with the TPL… Read More »