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Multi-service Authentication the easy way

I’m working on a new project that’ll be targeting both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. My hope is that this baby will end up being quite a big deal so I am actually giving Azure a good, hard, look. My first use case is that I’d like to have users log in to my… Read More »

Windows Phone 8 & the Nokia Lumia 822 – first impressions

Fast. Fluid. Flexible. Coming from my antiquated HTC Trophy, the 822 is amazing. If it was my first time Windows Phone, I would be crazy impressed. But remember, I’ve had my Trophy since it was available, and was developing (so experiencing WP7 via emulator) since day 1 of the Windows Phone SDK release. So I’m… Read More »

Update on WP8 Extensibility hooks

Last week I sent this to Windows Phone Dev Support: One of my Apps uses the Search Extensibility capability. After WP8 was released, the version I had on the market, which was supposed to have been recompiled by MS for WP8, doesn’t work on WP8. Likewise, after going through and building a WP8 version that… Read More »

Warning: Your WP7 app’s Extensibility hooks didn’t come forward to its WP8 version

I found out today, via an error report from the field no less, that one of my apps which uses some of the Extensibility hooks (aka App Connect) that were released as part of WP7 Mango doesn’t work on WP8. Upon investigating, it appears that when MS recompiled our apps to run on WP8 devices,… Read More »

Async System.Net.WebClient for Windows Phone 8

Started working on a WP8 project tonight and much to my dismay, TPL was not added to System.Net.WebClient of the WP8 SDK like it was slapped all over WinRT. So what to do? Well, I did what I did when I created the Async Live SDK project, I wrapped the EAP model with the TPL… Read More »

Cross-Platform Mobile Dev, pure badassery – pt 5

This is the finale of a 5-part series in which I explore and demonstrate cross-platform app creation for mobile and desktop platforms using iFactr, an enterprise-grade framework, and Monocross, the open-source core of iFactr. The other articles are easily accessible at the bottom of each post. Drum roll please! Let’s get to coding for a… Read More »

WP7 Will (Apparently) Still Require Zune in Windows 8

Was playing with VS2012 tonight working on a WP7 project and went to deploy to my device w/o having Zune launched just to see what would happen: Not sure I’d seen anybody confirm this yet, so thought I’d offer it up. It appears that the “Zune-less” setup touted for Windows Phone on Windows 8 is… Read More »

Stream SkyDrive media from your Windows Phone app

The app I’m working on could be given a little “oomph” by being able to stream media files from SkyDrive, so I looked in to it. I currently have a snipped of code that gets the downloadable URL for a SkyDrive file and uses that in some operations, but I’d seen an article on WindowsPhoneGeek (which… Read More »

Handling application crashes

I’ve struggle for a while now trying to come up with a good way to handle app crashes in my Windows Phone applications. The problem I have is that in the Application_Unhandled event handler, there’s really no good way to pop up a task (i.e.: an email compose task) to send off debugging information. There… Read More »