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Pin a FILE to the Windows 8 Start Screen

One of the things I find incredibly frustrating about the removal of the Start Menu on Windows 8 is there’s not “Recent Files” menu anymore. For me, this was incredibly useful as multiple times a week I’d be opening the same OneNote notebook, Excel spreadsheet, etc. So, how are we supposed to get around this?… Read More »

PSA: Do NOT install VirtualBox 4.2.4 on Win8Prox64

Just did this, install went fine. Afterward, network was dead. That’s kinda expected given what VirtualBox does w/ your network drivers. No matter what I did, enable/disable adapter, run troubleshooter, etc I couldn’t get it back. So I rebooted. It hung on the Windows logo and never got in to the system. Ended up getting… Read More »

Windows Store has smarts, unfortunately (sorta)

As a developer I appreciate this, but as a consumer I’m kinda bummed. My cheapskate self took a shot while running the Windows 8 Previews from Developer all the way through Release Preview and I took every chance I could get to download and install apps I was even remotely interested in when they showed… Read More »

Dear OEMs, putting ‘RT’ in your Windows 8 slate’s name is $%!^ing retarded

#justSaying Why on earth would you slap yet another acronym in the face of a consumer market that is more and more focused on EASE of use, EASE of understanding, EASE of portability? These poor people are already bombarded with USB, SSD, GB, TB, DDR3, DVI, HDMI, DVD, SD, MicroSD, Micro USB, and how many… Read More »

WP7 Will (Apparently) Still Require Zune in Windows 8

Was playing with VS2012 tonight working on a WP7 project and went to deploy to my device w/o having Zune launched just to see what would happen: Not sure I’d seen anybody confirm this yet, so thought I’d offer it up. It appears that the “Zune-less” setup touted for Windows Phone on Windows 8 is… Read More »

Log in to Desktop in Windows 8? Yup, it’s possible

So I’ve been keeping a little bit of a pulse on Windows 8 since the Developer Preview release nearly a year ago now. Since doing this I haven’t seen a post or detail on how to accomplish what I’m about to show, so I thought I’d divulge the secret and the process. Step 1 –… Read More »

Windows 8 upgrade problems? Join the club

Turns out I wasn’t the only one having problems upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 after the RTM went live for the lucky TechNet and MSDN subscribers. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t consider us worthy of support just yet – probably because we are self-proclaimed experts At any rate, I couldn’t give up on my upgrade.… Read More »

Your *desktop* app in the new Microsoft Store

If you’ve been to any of the Windows 8 developer camps, then you probably were told all about the new Microsoft Store that’s debuted with Windows 8. And if you asked the right questions, they may have even told you that yes, even desktop apps will show up in the MS Store, not just ones written… Read More »

Windows 8: Remember what your mom said about books & their covers

So you’ve installed Windows 8 Release Preview like I told you to, yeah? Stop it. I can hear you from here. “wtf, where’s my damn start menu? how the hell…” I have been using Windows 8 as my only operating system at my workstation since Consumer Preview and here’s my recommendation: do not judge your… Read More »

What are you waiting for?

Dude, if you haven’t already downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview, seriously what are you doing? Today at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft announced that over 630 million installs of Windows 7 are around the globe. Every one of them is going to be upgradable to Windows 8 for $40.$40. Tell me you… Read More »