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Pro (touch) tip: Set a PIN on your Windows 8 Profile

While typing on a (large) touch screen isn’t difficult – I find myself almost able to touch-type on my Surface or Yoga 13 – it’s certainly not convenient unless you’re able to set the tablet down and actually type on your lap or something. With this in mind there’s something of a little-talked-about feature of… Read More »

Outlook.com + Windows Phone + Windows 8 = HEAVEN

Let’s face it, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Outlook.com are purpose-built to work together. And why not – their polygamist marriage is f***ing AWESOME. If you’re using a 3rd party for your e-mail instead of Outlook.com and are as gung-ho about the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem as I am, you’re an idiot. I was… Read More »

Now available in the Windows Store

Thanks to the awesome folks over at IdeaNotion and their EXCELLENT tool, IdeaPress, you can now read .Netitude from the comfort of your sexy Modern environment with the .Netitude Blog Windows 8 app. Head over to the Windows Store and install it now, or if you’re reading this from w/in the IE10 Modern application on your… Read More »

Windows 8’s GridView – Not meant for data entry!

Here’s an interesting experiment. Slap this in to a blank Windows Store app’s MainPage.xaml: Now run it in the simulator and flip to Touch-mode. Click the bottom-most textbox in the first column. See what happens? You can’t see the textbox you’re typing in to! The OS doesn’t handle the “auto-scrolling” of the page’s frame when you… Read More »

Windows 8’s ComboBox and the CarouselPanel

Something you may or may not have noticed in your Windows 8 development is that the ComboBox uses a pretty interesting control new to Windows 8, the CarouselPanel. What the CarouselPanel brings to us is the ability to, as the name suggests, roll continuously through the list of items, looping back to the beginning or… Read More »

Cross-(Modern)-platform Federated Authentication

So in my previous post we discovered the joys of federated authentication using the sexy tools provided by the Windows Azure team. Now, let’s make the most of them. Something that is troubling developers more and more as Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 really stretch their legs in both the consumer and enterprise spaces… Read More »

Multi-service Authentication the easy way

I’m working on a new project that’ll be targeting both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. My hope is that this baby will end up being quite a big deal so I am actually giving Azure a good, hard, look. My first use case is that I’d like to have users log in to my… Read More »

DEP0500 error while creating WinRT app

Started finally working on a Windows RT app tonight. I got one execution of it on my local Win8 (x64) machine and then every deploy (builds work fine) after that, I was met with: Error    1    Error : DEP0500 : The folder “C:\Users\brand_000\Documents\Projects\<app name>\bin\Debug\AppX” could not be deleted. Access to the path ‘resources.pri’ is denied.  … Read More »