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Feedback Hub for everybody!

On August 29th, the Windows Dev Center got a massive feature set upgrade. Included among these new features was the announcement of the Microsoft Store Services Engagement Framework. Like the name implies, this is a new framework put out by the Store team enabling developers to better engage with their users – and new store… Read More »

Can’t deploy to Windows 10 Mobile 10581? Read this

I’ve been doing Windows 10 UWP development since July. During that time I’ve upgraded from the latest slow-ring builds of Windows 10 all the way up to 10565 on my work desktop. Also during this time, I’ve updated our test bench devices with the latest Windows 10 Mobile fast-ring builds so we weren’t surprised at… Read More »

Static Grid, Dynamic Content – Part 2: The Stragglers

In my previous post I talked about how to get a dynamic set of content chunked up in to batches that could then be displayed in a static grid, stacked within an items control. This works great if your dataset is evenly divisible by the number of items in your grid, but what if it’s… Read More »

Static Grid, Dynamic Content

On a recent project, we wanted to lay out some dynamic content in a very specific way, and have that repeat a la the USA Today app for Windows 10. The main challenge facing us when doing this is that Grid isn’t an ‘ItemsControl’ and therefore can’t be bound to a collection of data. So… Read More »