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Now available in the Windows Store

Thanks to the awesome folks over at IdeaNotion and their EXCELLENT tool, IdeaPress, you can now read .Netitude from the comfort of your sexy Modern environment with the .Netitude Blog Windows 8 app. Head over to the Windows Store and install it now, or if you’re reading this from w/in the IE10 Modern application on your… Read More »

Windows 8’s GridView – Not meant for data entry!

Here’s an interesting experiment. Slap this in to a blank Windows Store app’s MainPage.xaml: Now run it in the simulator and flip to Touch-mode. Click the bottom-most textbox in the first column. See what happens? You can’t see the textbox you’re typing in to! The OS doesn’t handle the “auto-scrolling” of the page’s frame when you… Read More »

Windows 8’s ComboBox and the CarouselPanel

Something you may or may not have noticed in your Windows 8 development is that the ComboBox uses a pretty interesting control new to Windows 8, the CarouselPanel. What the CarouselPanel brings to us is the ability to, as the name suggests, roll continuously through the list of items, looping back to the beginning or… Read More »

DEP0500 error while creating WinRT app

Started finally working on a Windows RT app tonight. I got one execution of it on my local Win8 (x64) machine and then every deploy (builds work fine) after that, I was met with: Error    1    Error : DEP0500 : The folder “C:\Users\brand_000\Documents\Projects\<app name>\bin\Debug\AppX” could not be deleted. Access to the path ‘resources.pri’ is denied.  … Read More »

Windows Store has smarts, unfortunately (sorta)

As a developer I appreciate this, but as a consumer I’m kinda bummed. My cheapskate self took a shot while running the Windows 8 Previews from Developer all the way through Release Preview and I took every chance I could get to download and install apps I was even remotely interested in when they showed… Read More »