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DEP0500 error while creating WinRT app

Started finally working on a Windows RT app tonight. I got one execution of it on my local Win8 (x64) machine and then every deploy (builds work fine) after that, I was met with: Error    1    Error : DEP0500 : The folder “C:\Users\brand_000\Documents\Projects\<app name>\bin\Debug\AppX” could not be deleted. Access to the path ‘resources.pri’ is denied.  … Read More »

What are you waiting for?

Dude, if you haven’t already downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview, seriously what are you doing? Today at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft announced that over 630 million installs of Windows 7 are around the globe. Every one of them is going to be upgradable to Windows 8 for $40.$40. Tell me you… Read More »