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Visual Studio Online builds & external dependencies

As you’ve seen me post before, I use the Multilingual App Toolkit in my Upload to YouTube app to localize it in to many languages. Since MAT is an installed extension to Visual Studio (and msbuild), however, setting up Upload to YouTube for CI and Release builds done in my Visual Studio Online account ended… Read More »

Got sweet code? Save it!

If you’re a Visual Studio user you’re more than familiar with snippets (I would hope). ctor, propa, testm, all very useful. But have you created your own snippets? You can do this with tools like the Snippet Designer extension, or roll your own by creating & editing a snippet XML file by hand based on… Read More »

Dev for the cloud… IN the cloud

I attended a Microsoft dev camp yesterday where I learned some more about Azure and what you can use it for in your corporation. The material was presented by David Washington (@dwcares), a Microsoft Technical Evangelist here in the Twin Cities. When I signed up for the session, titled “Sharpening your skills on the Microsoft… Read More »

TFS in the Cloud–Delete a Team Project

I’ve been using TFS “preview” for a while now for my personal projects. Naturally as a dev starts using a new service we pretty much just go hog wild clicking stuff, turning things on, naming stuff, and adding things to it – well, I do anyway. This tends to, however, leave a pretty good mess by… Read More »

What are you waiting for?

Dude, if you haven’t already downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview, seriously what are you doing? Today at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft announced that over 630 million installs of Windows 7 are around the globe. Every one of them is going to be upgradable to Windows 8 for $40.$40. Tell me you… Read More »