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Testing disk space exceptions with CopyToAsync

I got an error report from the field in Upload to YouTube where the user was getting an unhandled exception when I copied their Camera Roll video to temporary storage to hand off to Movie Maker for editing. Great catch, now to shore up the UX when this happens. Only problem is, I need to… Read More »

TPL in a Unit Test? GENIUS!

How often have you created a unit test that you knew was long running (test all ___ overnight), only to find that eventually you hit a time when it never stopped, and horked up the rest of the test run? It’s happened to the best of us, I’m sure. However, thanks to .Net’s beautiful TPL,… Read More »

Prototyping with C#? Thanks, Roslyn!

Long before Roslyn was a thing at this years’ BUILD developer conference, it was being used by a small group of Microsofties to create something pretty sweet. This thing allowed you to write C# at the command line. So yeah, think Python, but with C#. Quick to get started, quick to work with, quick to… Read More »

Auto-gen a URI string based on a method call

There are some navigational paradigms out there that use navigation strings to hit, in turn, methods within your own codebase. It’s a sound idea, but generating those URIs as strings which you in turn use in a Navigate() call can be problematic. What happens when you add a parameter to the method? Rearrange the parameters?… Read More »

LINQ & Lazy<T>, Frenemies

LINQ is great, isn’t it? I freakin’ love it. Along with LINQ, came our also-now-familiar friend, IEnumerable<T>. Whenever I’m passing around a collection now, I pass around IEnumerable. It’s flexible and can always be changed in to whatever I need at the time (List<T>, Array, etc) as well as supports all the awesome LINQ stuff… Read More »

T4 gotchyas in your environment

In a previous post I wrote about the wonders of T4 and how it helped the team I’m on circumvent the loss of intellisense in our highly-decoupled Adaptive Object Model framework. In this post I want to apprise you of the various things we had to overcome to get T4 implemented in to our build… Read More »

Did you know: *Internal* interfaces on *Public* classes

So I’ll admit I’ve kind of been a more standard OOP developer. Today, however, I got a wild hair and did an F12 (Go to definition) on Tuple<t1, t2=””>. I found this: public class Tuple<t1, t2> : IStructuralEquatable, IStructuralComparable, IComparable, ITuple And thought “ITuple? What’s that?” I went diving in to MSDN and found nothing. So I… Read More »

Commands are cool, but man they’re repetitive…

Using WPF/XAML databinding any good programmer comes along Commanding. It’s the thing you’re supposed to do instead of adding an EventHandler to the Click event of your button. But Christ, adding Commands everywhere gets to be damn repetitive. Enter awesomeness. Now, normally I hate using ‘object’ as a parameter to things, especially when it means you’ll be… Read More »