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Got sweet code? Save it!

If you’re a Visual Studio user you’re more than familiar with snippets (I would hope). ctor, propa, testm, all very useful. But have you created your own snippets? You can do this with tools like the Snippet Designer extension, or roll your own by creating & editing a snippet XML file by hand based on… Read More »

Add *subdomains* to the compatibility view list

If you try to add “something.mysite.com” to the Compatibility List via IE’s Internet Options, you’re met with an error and your only recourse is to add the full domain, “mysite.com” to the list instead – which might not be ideal if the rest of mysite.com works great, but only something.mysite.com has compatibility issues.

Don’t get Scroogled. Migrate to Outlook.com calendar today

Ok so this feud between Microsoft and Google has gone far enough. Yesterday the core apps for Windows 8 were updated (People, Mail, Calendar, Messaging) and the capability to integrate with Google Calendars has gone away. You now only get Google Mail, via IMAP – and even that is flakey (I still can’t get sub-folders… Read More »

Pin a FILE to the Windows 8 Start Screen

One of the things I find incredibly frustrating about the removal of the Start Menu on Windows 8 is there’s not “Recent Files” menu anymore. For me, this was incredibly useful as multiple times a week I’d be opening the same OneNote notebook, Excel spreadsheet, etc. So, how are we supposed to get around this?… Read More »

Outlook Productivity Tip–Back/Forward

For me, this has proven very useful. Since I have multiple accounts in my Outlook configuration, I quite frequently jump between folders in different mailboxes, etc. Sometimes it’s way faster to navigate around Outlook just like it’s a browser. Here’s how to set it up: 1) Click the drop down for the Quick Access Toolbar,… Read More »