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Application Insights in your WinForms? Yup!

Microsoft’s Application Insights is one hell of a tool. It was showcased a number of times throughout BUILD 2015 at the end of April and continues to make my jaw drop every time I see it shown off and look into my own instance of it. However, if you’re a Windows Desktop app developer (Forms,… Read More »

Auto-update your NuGet packages at build time

NuGet is great. So great, in fact, that I’ve set up my own NuGet server in Azure to use during my personal development to share Common projects, etc. It’s insanely nice as now I can do my builds using packages from other VSO projects without any hassle. But for my own personal development, and likely… Read More »

Python’s namedtuple… for .Net!

One of the things I have seen people applaud about Python is its “namedtuple” class. If you could describe this in terms of .Net’s Tuple (and <T1, T2, etc>) it would be to basically say that it’s the same as Tuple, but if instead of “Item1” on Tuple you got “Name” or “Age” or whatever… Read More »

Internal (private) NuGet servers

I just posted this to my blog at work but thought I’d also pass it along to my .Netitude readers. Hope you find it useful! If you’re familiar with NuGet you know the benefits it provides .Net developers in consuming packages created by 3rd parties. Well, what if you want to treat somebody internal to… Read More »

Look Mom, I share…

Check out the sidebar. Just added links to my public projects on CodePlex (downloadable via NuGet). Don’t say I never gave you anything. Also visit my friends’ pages, they’re down at the bottom (I’m a “bad friend” – hey, I only said I share, not that I play well with others) Also links to my… Read More »