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Removing Ads with an IAP – the Declarative way

Microsoft’s XAML provides a way for us to define our UI in a declarative manner. Combined with databinding it means you should – in almost every case – never have to directly reference a UI control to accomplish some work. Add the MVVM design pattern in to the mix and I find myself “rethinking” any… Read More »

Testing disk space exceptions with CopyToAsync

I got an error report from the field in Upload to YouTube where the user was getting an unhandled exception when I copied their Camera Roll video to temporary storage to hand off to Movie Maker for editing. Great catch, now to shore up the UX when this happens. Only problem is, I need to… Read More »

Prototyping with C#? Thanks, Roslyn!

Long before Roslyn was a thing at this years’ BUILD developer conference, it was being used by a small group of Microsofties to create something pretty sweet. This thing allowed you to write C# at the command line. So yeah, think Python, but with C#. Quick to get started, quick to work with, quick to… Read More »

Auto-gen a URI string based on a method call

There are some navigational paradigms out there that use navigation strings to hit, in turn, methods within your own codebase. It’s a sound idea, but generating those URIs as strings which you in turn use in a Navigate() call can be problematic. What happens when you add a parameter to the method? Rearrange the parameters?… Read More »