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Using Middleware to trap Exceptions in Asp.Net Core

Recently while working on a project I found myself writing a ton of boilerplate code throughout that looked something like this: private readonly Lazy<JSchema> _newItemSchema = new Lazy<JSchema>(() => Helpers.GetSchema(@"POST-request.json")); [HttpPost] public async Task<IActionResult> AddNewItem() { var requestJson = Request.ParseBodyToObject(_newItemSchema.Value); if (!requestJson.Success) { #if DEBUG return BadRequest(requestJson.Object); #else return BadRequest(); #endif } var newItem =… Read More »

On-schedule and On-demand Azure VMs using Runbooks + Microsoft Flow

Since using the new Azure “V2” VMs I had a complaint: I can’t (easily) set up a schedule for my VMs like I was able to with Classic VMs and the Classic Management dashboard. I recently set up a Minecraft server for my sons and was turning it on when they got home from school… Read More »

Feedback Hub for everybody!

On August 29th, the Windows Dev Center got a massive feature set upgrade. Included among these new features was the announcement of the Microsoft Store Services Engagement Framework. Like the name implies, this is a new framework put out by the Store team enabling developers to better engage with their users – and new store… Read More »