Application Insights in your WinForms? Yup!

By | May 13, 2015

Microsoft’s Application Insights is one hell of a tool. It was showcased a number of times throughout BUILD 2015 at the end of April and continues to make my jaw drop every time I see it shown off and look into my own instance of it.

However, if you’re a Windows Desktop app developer (Forms, Console, Service, etc.) – as most enterprise developers continue to be – you might get a feeling you’re being left in the dust by Microsoft with this new service.

Until now.

Enter my latest project: DesktopApplicationInsights. It’s really just a helper library on top of the App Insights Core API, but it does work pretty damn slick if I do say so myself. Since I have a feeling there will be a lot of thoughts and ideas around this once people see it, I’ve posted it on Github as well. Or if you’d rather just get crackin’ today, you can simply import the NuGet package and be logging telemetry within minutes.

Note that I have currently labeled the NuGet packages as beta since I am rapidly evolving the API and functionality so update often (and be prepared for breaking changes) :) Right now I have completed some “automatic” telemetry for some WinForms controls, but I do have plans to add the same for WPF constructs.