Monthly Archives: August 2013

LINQ & Lazy<T>, Frenemies

LINQ is great, isn’t it? I freakin’ love it. Along with LINQ, came our also-now-familiar friend, IEnumerable<T>. Whenever I’m passing around a collection now, I pass around IEnumerable. It’s flexible and can always be changed in to whatever I need at the time (List<T>, Array, etc) as well as supports all the awesome LINQ stuff… Read More »

Pro (touch) tip: Set a PIN on your Windows 8 Profile

While typing on a (large) touch screen isn’t difficult – I find myself almost able to touch-type on my Surface or Yoga 13 – it’s certainly not convenient unless you’re able to set the tablet down and actually type on your lap or something. With this in mind there’s something of a little-talked-about feature of… Read More »