Mo’ toys, Mo’ problems

By | May 2, 2013

I am the proud new owner of a new Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13. And I couldn’t be happier. However, as I get this bad boy all set up and in ship shape, I’m encountering some things that require investigation to figure out how to get them to act the way I want.

Plugged in, not charging? what?

I was sitting here working and had it plugged in. Every time I looked down, I saw the battery not filled up. I thought “dang this is taking a while to charge, must have a lot of capacity” so I checked the % it was at so I could keep track of if it was charging. It was sitting at 60% – and it sat there.

Turns out this is a “side effect” of a setting w/in Lenovo’s “Energy Management” utility.


If set to “Optimized Battery Health”, charging will never go past 60%. If you set it to Max Life, you’ll get it to charge fully. I’m sure this has something to do w/ battery chemistry but hey, I added a 2yr extended warranty on this thing, if the battery flakes out, I’ll get it taken care of.

Airplane mode… I can has my WiFi back?

I was playing w/ the Fn keys across the top of the keyboard and hit the one w/ the picture of the airplane on it. As expected, this turned airplane mode on. As NOT expected, when I hit the button again (and airplane mode was shut off) I didn’t get my WiFi back! Wtf? I clicked the network icon in the tray and saw simply “WiFi (Off)” w/ no option to change it. How in the…

Pretty simple fix, but definitely not intuitive. After you shut OFF Airplane mode, you have to go to PC Settings and turn WiFi back on manually:


If you decide to pick up one of these gorgeous devices, or perhaps one of the other great new ultrabooks Lenovo’s kicking out (Carbon X1, yummy), hopefully this saves you some time/headaches!