Holy awesome, My Phone shows in Explorer!

By | December 30, 2012

I hadn’t read anywhere that this happened w/ WP8 so I thought I’d blog about it real quick. I went to Windows Explorer tonight, after plugging in my new Lumia 822, and saw the following:



So I drilled down…


Now, I haven’t tried dropping new Pictures in there to see what happens, but at least you could presumably pull some off there, right? Here are the other areas I have access to:


How cool is that? Now, one thing I did do tonight, that I’m not sure did or did not have an effect on the phone to enable this view, is that I just dev-unlocked it.

If any of my readers can confirm/deny this is available with a locked phone, that’d be great.

Enjoy your “software-less” syncing, folks. Just one more thing we’ve got that the competition doesn’t; out of the box sync software PLUS straight device access!