Monthly Archives: December 2012

Windows Phone 8 & the Nokia Lumia 822 – first impressions

Fast. Fluid. Flexible. Coming from my antiquated HTC Trophy, the 822 is amazing. If it was my first time Windows Phone, I would be crazy impressed. But remember, I’ve had my Trophy since it was available, and was developing (so experiencing WP7 via emulator) since day 1 of the Windows Phone SDK release. So I’m… Read More »

Update on WP8 Extensibility hooks

Last week I sent this to Windows Phone Dev Support: One of my Apps uses the Search Extensibility capability. After WP8 was released, the version I had on the market, which was supposed to have been recompiled by MS for WP8, doesn’t work on WP8. Likewise, after going through and building a WP8 version that… Read More »