Dear OEMs, putting ‘RT’ in your Windows 8 slate’s name is $%!^ing retarded

By | September 18, 2012


Why on earth would you slap yet another acronym in the face of a consumer market that is more and more focused on EASE of use, EASE of understanding, EASE of portability?

These poor people are already bombarded with USB, SSD, GB, TB, DDR3, DVI, HDMI, DVD, SD, MicroSD, Micro USB, and how many other random acronyms as they shop?? How exactly do you expect salesmen to explain “RT” to ma and pa kettle?

“Uh, well it runs Windows RT”
“So that’s not normal Windows?”
“Well no, it is, you just don’t have the old Windows UI (yay another acronym!) you have the new Tile-based UI instead”
“Ok so is that better?”
“Well, yeah most people think so”
“Will it run new Office programs then?”
“Well, it runs a new version of Office but that loads in the old Windows UI”
”I thought you said it didn’t have the old Windows”
”Well, it does but only for certain things”
”Ok so what’s the ‘non-RT’ version of the slate have?”
”Well, it has everything this does, but adds the whole old Windows back in alongside the new tile stuff”
”So the NON RT has more capability?”
”Yeah, basically”

Seriously? Get your heads out of your asses and call the damn things Windows and Windows Pro and be done with it.

“What’s the difference between the Windows and Windows Pro?”
”Pro gives you full support for all the old Windows programs you have now”
”oh, cool I’ll take that then”

Morons. I hate marketing.