Monthly Archives: September 2012

Outlook Productivity Tip–Back/Forward

For me, this has proven very useful. Since I have multiple accounts in my Outlook configuration, I quite frequently jump between folders in different mailboxes, etc. Sometimes it’s way faster to navigate around Outlook just like it’s a browser. Here’s how to set it up: 1) Click the drop down for the Quick Access Toolbar,… Read More »

Dear OEMs, putting ‘RT’ in your Windows 8 slate’s name is $%!^ing retarded

#justSaying Why on earth would you slap yet another acronym in the face of a consumer market that is more and more focused on EASE of use, EASE of understanding, EASE of portability? These poor people are already bombarded with USB, SSD, GB, TB, DDR3, DVI, HDMI, DVD, SD, MicroSD, Micro USB, and how many… Read More »

WP7 Will (Apparently) Still Require Zune in Windows 8

Was playing with VS2012 tonight working on a WP7 project and went to deploy to my device w/o having Zune launched just to see what would happen: Not sure I’d seen anybody confirm this yet, so thought I’d offer it up. It appears that the “Zune-less” setup touted for Windows Phone on Windows 8 is… Read More »