Social Camera is now free

By | August 21, 2012

After some back and forth in my mind, today was the day I finally pulled the trigger on Social Camera and decided to make it a free app on the Windows Phone marketplace.
My hope here is that it might drive more folks to Cloud Transfer seeing the SkyDrive Transfer option already available in Social Camera.
However, it’s not totally selfish. Truth be told, effectively doing Uploading to YouTube on the Windows Phone platform is, to put it nicely, challenging. Lack of a useful background uploading capability (5mb max for each u/l, 5 at a time in a queue, no queue monitoring), application memory limits (whole video has to be put in a buffer to send it via HTTP), etc make it a less than pleasing user experience. But using the upload to SkyDrive option is really quite effective. Until now this was only available to users who had bought the full version. This is the one way I could see to make that feature available to all.
I *do* plan on adding advertisements in to this free version, but that probably won’t happen for a few weeks, so enjoy the extra real estate for now :)

I’m also curious how it will affect download rates, we shall see!
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