Monthly Archives: August 2012

Log in to Desktop in Windows 8? Yup, it’s possible

So I’ve been keeping a little bit of a pulse on Windows 8 since the Developer Preview release nearly a year ago now. Since doing this I haven’t seen a post or detail on how to accomplish what I’m about to show, so I thought I’d divulge the secret and the process. Step 1 –… Read More »

Windows 8 upgrade problems? Join the club

Turns out I wasn’t the only one having problems upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 after the RTM went live for the lucky TechNet and MSDN subscribers. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t consider us worthy of support just yet – probably because we are self-proclaimed experts At any rate, I couldn’t give up on my upgrade.… Read More »

Social Camera is now free

After some back and forth in my mind, today was the day I finally pulled the trigger on Social Camera and decided to make it a free app on the Windows Phone marketplace. My hope here is that it might drive more folks to Cloud Transfer seeing the SkyDrive Transfer option already available in Social… Read More »